A Cutthroat Business Review

A Cutthroat Business

(A Savannah Martin Mystery #1)

by Jenna Bennett (Goodreads Author) 3.73  ·   Rating details ·  2,875 ratings  ·  270 reviews

I Did Not Expect It

As you can assume by this header, I randomly selected this book to read (which I do a lot) without reading what the book is about. I guess you can say that I am open to new experiences. I am a reading risk taker.

After finishing up the book, I am pleasantly surprised. Honestly, the cover of the book did not hold my interest. When I randomly download it, I prejudged it like a bunch of high school jocks. This kids, is why you do not judge a book by its cover. No.

Well let’s talk about the book, shall we?

Realtor Turned Detective

This story of Savannah Martin is based down in Tennessee with a southern twang. Her family is very well off, living in a mansion in the center of a prestigious lifestyle and her mother is the traditional hostess of the town with a well-established family breed. Savannahs brother Dix and her sister Carolyn are lawyers who she runs to for free legal advice. Very much a black sheep, she went into real estate instead of law but she took pre-law back in college.

Savannah is recently divorced from her high school sweetheart who she married for status but he basically cheated so she left and is running out of her alimony money. She started working and struggle to keep her fridge full because she is not one of the head realtors. The seniorities get the commissions while the rest sits around to look pretty if they are inexperienced. I honestly don’t know why she is struggling so much even though her family is pretty well off. Its okay. Its the independent woman power! I get it.


So the fun part begins. Savannah received a call one morning from a man who is supposed to tour a property with her colleague, Barbara or Brenda. I’ll check later. Brenda was nowhere to be found and this property is a big commission if sold, so Savannah decided to take the man on the tour. Once she arrived at the property she realizes that “hey we went to school together. You were The badass James Dean type. Didn’t you end up in jail for being such a loser? Hot. But a loser?” Oh, of course, she didn’t say it like that but she might as well.

Rafe Collier.

He admitted to all the good deeds and many more. He speaks with deeper southern roots and obviously, he’s the red neck in the book. The troubled guy with criminal potential and possibly a good heart. They started to tour the house and they found Brenda. She was dead with her throat slit in the library area in front of the fireplace. Library? Fireplace? Damn, this place must be huge. Forget Brenda or whatever her name is.

Ha! Cutthroat business. Nice play on words.

Obviously, cops were called. Questions were asked. Suspects were formed. Savannah became a Nancy drew overnight and she seems to care more about the bitch of a victim than she wanted me to believe. She keeps claiming that she hated the dead chick but she cannot seem to forget her or even for one second just said Oh wells. She is dead. I can finally be free of her presence. Instead, she was putting so much of the pieces of the mystery together while the detective important (I forgot her name) really just sat back and allowed her to gather evidence so she can take credit.

At first, I never suspected Rafe regardless of how much evidence was pointed to him. He was just a coincidence. Then I thought it was Brenda daughter’s unwanted black boyfriend who killed her. What’s his name? Marcus, I believe. Why? Well because Brenda is a racist haha. This whole book was somewhat downright racist but it’s the South. No one cares.

Then I thought it was the mistress turned live in girlfriend what’s her face. Brenda’s husband has a mistress that lived across the street from them and once Brenda was out the picture, she moved in with Stephen, the husband right after the funeral. Nevermind that. I started to assume it was Alex the daughter! Yeah this book will have you guessing all night. I even started to think it was Todd the lawyer who knew nothing of Brenda until it reached the newspaper! Todd was Savannah’s High School boyfriend before she got married to the cheater guy. We later found out through Savannah’s mom that Todd ran off to another State after the wedding and married a girl who looked just like Savannah. They broke up after she cleaned him out so he is back in town.


Then there was the other death. Goddamnit, I cannot seem to remember the names anymore but I do not feel like running back to the book so I am just going to name them after what I remember. Brenda’s assistant or her left-hand woman – the in case of an emergency girl. Ah, her name was Cassie (I think. Whatever.) She ended up dead and the weapon that was used to kill Brenda was the same weapon she slit her wrist with. That was when they assume they can shut the case down but Nancy drew did not think it was that easy, especially since the lady who owns that house was tricked into putting her house up for sale and she ended up in the old people’s home. Who left her there? Brenda, of course! Yeah, by now she deserves to die.


That’s not even the best part. So we find out why Rafe who has no money at all was very interested in buying that house. The old demented lady in the old people’s home was his grandmother. His father was killed by someone when he wasn’t even born yet and they all believe he was killed by his grandfather. It’s the south so when a white girl is screwing a black boy, it is rightfully so that the old man kills off the kid. Well, Rafe wanted to find out who placed his grandmother in the old people’s home and he wanted the house back to give her a real home. Plus he wanted a house too. You can just tell. If he inherits this home, yeah he is set.

Eh at the end of it all. It was the boss. Obviously, Brenda is a person full of manipulation and lies. She was trying to blackmail the boss who happens to be an in the closet gay man. The jail will be fun and accepting. I don’t feel like getting too deep with the boss and how he ended up killing everyone. It was all a reason to shut everyone up. The funniest part was when he’s chasing Savannah down after he already spilled all the secret and he ended up getting attacked by a lipstick. If you want to know what I mean, go read the book lol.

What I Was Hoping For

Honestly, I wanted to see a relationship budding with Savannah and Rafe. Their chemistry was fun and very exciting. His usage of the word “darling” can take a hike though. I started to imagine that he was gay haha. Now that I know there is a Book two, I am looking forward to reading that. This was a fun and enjoyable book. It is definitely something I would recommend.

If you are interested in reading this book, it is available in paperback and eBook. I downloaded the book for free using my Barnes and Nobles account. You can click the link above and sign up today. If you find this review interesting and helpful, leave your comments below. If you want me to review a specific book, leave the title in the comment and I will definitely look into it. Until then, thanks for reading!

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