A Different Kind Of Fairy Tale Review

A Different Kind Of Fairy Tale

(Spring Towers #1)

by Morgan Rayne (Goodreads Author) (Editor) 3.74  ·   Rating details ·  2,857 ratings  ·  227 reviews

Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages. 

Beautiful While It Lasted

This book started off really good. My attention to the way both Stella and Alex enjoyed each others company as neighbors and best friends was very familiar. I love that they were crushing on each other but dare not to tread on shallow water.

Stella was raised in an okay home. Her mother, the drunk gold digger who uses the girls as a child support trophy, was not something Stella and her sister, Vicki was proud of. Father played a better role in this universe and he’s married to Penny who the girls love more than their mother.

Alex, on the other hand, is a well-made entrepreneur web designer who works from home. His family is well off so technically he doesn’t have to work but he wants to, which is good. Any independent character is good in my books. Literally.

Alex beds the slutty blonde types while Stella walked in on her ex getting busy with her friend Heidi, a slutty blonde. She swore off men for future purposes which is why she never wanted to make any move on Alex. Its better safe than sorry, right? Oh yeah and Stella is not a stick thin model type. She’s a sports nuts, full figured and love to make cookies. That’s how she attracted Alex, who I later on, just want to slap him because no man should be that sensitive as he became.

Stella found out that her ex Kevin and Heidi were getting married so she went on a drunk fest and returned home looking to get laid by Alex after he found her discombobulated in the hallway that they shared. Of course, he did not want to do anything to her but he kept getting heated.

The Wedding

Stella’s ex, Kevin and her ex-friend Heidi, who is now Kevin’s finance had requested that Stella become their photographer for their wedding on Valentine’s day. Stella owns Picture Perfect, a photography studio. Obviously, these two knuckleheads really hate Stella or they’re just such a big troll that they did not care how she felt about things or even cared that they screwed her over big time. Sometimes you wonder how bad Stella could have been for them to treat her that way but throughout the book, she was pretty prideful so for the sake of the book, Stella is a gullible doll. I mean, who actually asks their ex to photograph one of the biggest and memorable moments in their life unless they are looking to sabotage the moment or they want to sabotage you, right? I mean, logic. It flew out of this window.

Unfortunately, dumbass Stella was too prideful to say shove that shit up your ass because by her logic, if she turns down the job, Kevin will know that he damaged her. Nevermind that. My first thought would be, they’ll try to tell me I did a horrible job and then stiff me for my work. Yeah, that’s a no. Instead of thinking that way, she played pretend and acted like Alex was her boyfriend. Alex, on the other hand, came to terms with the head of his penis to agree that he was crazy in love with Stella when he couldn’t control his erection so he didn’t really went along with her made believe story. She was pretending but he actually meant it.

Stella doesn’t know though so shhhh.

This all happened while the two idiots were still in her office waiting for a response on whether or not Stella can photograph this wedding. Alex walks in after a conversation with his best friend Kyle who made him realize that all the wet dreams he has of Stella were actually just him falling in love with her. Alex agreed and he wanted to tell her that by stopping by her office. It so happens that he walked in when Kevin and Heidi were there coincidentally. Well played and that’s when the game began. Stella told the two “that’s my baby” and Alex said, “oh no no no. We are engaged.” Throwing everything for a curb ball. Kevin was obviously not too excited because he still had feelings for Stella or maybe it is one of those “Gosh I miss that person because they have someone else now.” It’s normal in romance books for people to write that type of tale. Sucks to be you, Kevin.

Heidi, on the other hand, wants whatever Stella has. Well, she made it clear each time she appears in the book. Alex knew he was going to be getting beat by Stella for upping the ante of their fake relationship but I think he was beginning to love that idea. Once everyone disappeared from the office, Stella was convinced by her sister Vicki and her assistant, Lindsay to seduce Alex from the way Alex had kissed her in front of the two love birds. They went as far as to give her a Brazilian wax, spa treatment, and made her go home in a piece of lingerie and a trench coat. Of course, that worked out well because the next chapter was pretty pornographic. I actually had to skip through the whole thing because I am just not into reading about how someone enjoys getting screwed. So here is an image:


Lovers and Quarrels

Yeah, the honeymoon phase didn’t last long once Stella found another woman’s underwear in his couch and she just left angry. I mean, come on. The guy had a sex life before but whatever, right? I guess she forgot. Well, they sort of made up because Alex was practically telling her all the right words. He even decided to take her to go see his parents who made it clear that they wanted grandchildren. Okay, fast forward the boring part and on to the fun part.

Their friends wanted to have a friends night out so they all went to the bar to shoot some pools and have a drink. That was when they saw Heidi there who was practically eating Alex alive but he didn’t budge. She was basically chased out by Vicki, Lindsay, and Stella because she wasn’t invited. Then that night was over and the group connected again for a Football Sunday, which is a day Stella loves. Lindsay was acting iffy which was not explained anywhere in the book why even after I searched. I thought she did something that was unforgivable but she did not. I’ll explain why I thought of that in a little bit.

Kyle and Alex had decided to head out to do men things which Stella was okay with. She said that she had a lot to do anyway so they parted ways. After the boys left, Stella received a call from Heidi about getting a meeting in for the wedding that day because Kevin will not be around on the day they scheduled their appointment. Stella agreed so she left to her studio to meet with the duo. When Alex and Kyle returned, Stella was already long gone and she did not pick up her phone. Another conveniently written ploy. Heidi ends up at the door and she was telling Alex that Kevin called off the marriage because he was getting back with Stella. Yes, we all know that’s bullshit but for the sake of the book and it’s drama, let’s continue.

Alex, of course, did not believe her but he went over to the studio and found Stella hugging Kevin. Instead of running in there in rage and do what most boyfriends would do, he just left and went home packing his bags. Very ladylike, if you ask me. We later found out that Stella was only hugging Kevin because she found out her mother just died. She was driving drunk and went head first into a truck. Kevin just happened to be at the right place at the right time. He did try to make a move and Stella finally grew a pair and gave him a swift kick. She was so proud of what she did that she practically went home to look for Alex but all she found were her things from his apartment, in a box on her counter. She went to look for him and found that his laptop was gone but it didn’t sound like she was trying very hard to find him. Maybe because her mother just died but she left to her fathers. I guess I cannot be mad at her because that would be the first thing that I would do too.

When she finally came home she found Kyle who told her everything about that day with Heidi. I honestly do not even know how I am even going through this review right now spoiling the whole book but these two just do not seem right for each other because while Alex is running off crying like a little girl, Stella was too stubborn to try and fix a relationship that she craves so badly just because he didn’t believe that she would ever cheat on him. This could have ended at the moment Alex saw her hugging Kevin. He should have just went in there and pummel the dude and that’s it. End of discussion and Alex would be accompanying her to her mother’s funeral. Of course, that would not be dramatic enough. All she said was, screw him. Even after she heard it was a misunderstanding. Stubborn people do not need to be in a relationship. That’s my advice.


Alex finally arrived back to an angry Kyle who ends up calling him a piece of crap for hurting Stella. What? Even after he knew it was a misunderstanding? Oh, maybe he was angry that Alex should have just beat the hell out of Kevin when he saw that event unfold in front of him and by him acting like a drama queen, the story dragged on? I say it’s the second one. Well, Alex decided to make things right by crashing Kevin’s and Heidi’s wedding. I think this was the highlight of the story and it was well played. He went in and said he’s in love with Heidi and the wedding should be called off. Heidi was happily running to Alex and he just basically said “HA HA!” Yeah, that did not go well but he explained why he did it when Kevin found them out there, not sounding angry at all and who knows. They probably went back in and got married. It did not say.

The story basically ended with Alex getting Vicki to give Stella a Superbowl ticket for the weekend because her team was going to the Superbowl. Then he proposed to her during the game and she just said yes. That was all and I guess it’s a fair ending. It’s not like any of them really did anything dirty behind each other’s back. This was all just a misunderstanding that should have been settled way before the funeral but yet, it did not. This will make a great book for anyone who needs to understand that “this is not what you should do while in a relationship.”

Final Thoughts

This was a very simple and straight to the point read. Everything was very predictable. The characters were not hiding any mystery. If you enjoy my review, let me know by leaving a comment below. If you want to read more reviews or would love for me to review a book that you have in mind, leave the title below. A Different Kind of Fairy Tale is free on the Nook Book and the Amazon Kindle, so if you are opt-in, download it and give it a read. Until then, give this alike and I’ll check in tomorrow. Bye now.

Author: Soul Sin

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