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Great Question

Book Reviews

I am challenging myself to do more reading and sharing the stories with others. Writers, especially indie writers do not get enough publicity. I want to focus on a variety of genre to play catch up with. I will do a weekly video reviews on the books as well, so follow me on my social media to get frequent updates.

Game Reviews

What can I say..? I love games and I love creating highlights of the games that I do play. I will be reviewing the streaming network, gaming consoles, and games releasal. As an avid collectors of all sorts of games, I would love to share my thoughts through writing.

Headline Reviews

Staying as noncontroversial as possible, this will be an opinion blog from all the trending  topics that my browsers offer me or what subreddits that I visit. It can be anything from Politics to Crimes. Just topics that catches my attention. Who knows? Maybe it will be part of an upcoming YouTube video.

Media Reviews

This can be part of the headline review but I believe Media desrves it’s own category because this will be completely focus on movies and TV show reviews. I spend a lot more time watching movies and shows, so why not just write about it. Maybe I’ll drop some celebrity names into the mix too. It’s all just for fun,

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The Reason Behind It All

There is so much commotion going on with the feminist of today’s world and I heard that there was some sort of statistics stating that there is not enough female writers reviewing films, trending topics, books, etc. I heard that men have dominated the scene and there should be some sort of equality.

Well, I am a woman and I have been writing for a while but I have never reviewed anything so here I am!

What Do You Plan to Achieve in All This?




From the writers of Buzzfeed and other social justice warrior sites, I have been somewhat disgusted by the literatures that is going viral. I want people to understand that not every female writers, reviewers, and critics are social justice warriors. I want to write about things pertaining to the issue and not feed into what is popular at the moment. I want to give raw and real reviews on things. I am hoping to get the balance back because I do not believe that there is any inequality and most movies, trending topics, and social media platforms are solely focus on dividing readers for click baits.

Consider this site your Go-To for reading. I am going to try to write as much as I can within the week on as many topics as I can. I am a one-man show but I love to write and I can write for days. If for some odd reason, a topic is catching on more traffic than usual, I will turn it into a Vlog instead so head on over to my YouTube channel and subscribe there as I do create sketch comedies and tutorials for Smaller YouTube channels.