Get Paid to Raid and Stay Fit

I am always looking for new ways to introduce people to supplement their income by trying it out myself first. I came across a friend’s blog who was having trouble with paying for daycare. Then she was introduced to a website that helped her with the expenses and it was very simple, easy, and the market is there for it!

Invite People to Raid Your Closet

Brilliant idea, especially when you have a ton of things to get rid of. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, it is not trash but it’s something that you might not ever use again and you’re looking to give it away anyway, so why not just sell it off.

I am one of those people with a lot of things in my closet to get rid of and I guess I’ll just have everyone raid it and find something they like. I have started a Raid my Closet Friday when I post up new inventories during that time for marked down prices. Most of my outfits are still very new because I usually wear them just once. I work from home so I always buy clothes to take pictures in and let it sit around taking up drawer and closet space. This is a great idea for anyone who wants to earn some extra money while having a reason to start cleaning. So far, it is looking pretty good.

Check out my closet space

Shop Your Fitness Needs

I am also a coach for Beach Body and can introduce you to the best products along with great recipes to get back in shape. Unlike a lot of hardcore fitness enthusiast, I do not go to the gym to stay toned and fit. I actually do everything from home which means that you can get in shape by doing just the same.

I am 38 years old this year with two kids. I work for at least 16 hours a day from home, so I never have time to really leave the house. I believe I leave the house at least four times a month. People assume that when you’re sitting on your butt all day, you are seconds away from becoming obese. Then when I tell them what I do for a living and how my schedule looks, they would tell me that “it’s only because you are Asian. Asian people have great genes.”

Oh, the stereotypes. If only you can see the rest of my family and then you will know. I am actually the thinnest and the fittest.

I’ve always been perfectly fine with minor weight gains in certain seasons. I know what to eat and how to keep active while doing nothing. If you would like to know, remember to join my newsletter and stay updated with my websites. I will always share secrets whether it is ways to stay healthy or tips and tricks of finding work from home. I have been doing this for eighteen years so I guess you can call me a veteran.

Check Out the 80 Day Obsession Guide

I’ve always been looking for great ways to supplement my daily nutrients since I work long hours and need to revitalize. I came across Beach Body and to be honest, their product is great and it gave me the energy that I need through the day. Plus they have tools that I can use while I sit down to write long articles and make YouTube contents. If you’re not a creator or a web designer, you can not imagine how strenuous your days can become or how lost in time you can get. Which is why I am glad I am part of the Beach Body family because they have what I need.

Shop Supplements Now

That’s pretty much it for tonight. I just wanted to share this moment with you on a personal level. Hopefully, you find everything that I mentioned in this post very helpful to your lifestyle, your needs, and your health. Until next time, thanks for reading!

Author: Soul Sin

Soul Sin is an Asian-American opinionist, Freelancer, and Entrepreneur who writes for Logical Millennials and Soul Stylez Creation. You can also find her actively creating contents for YouTube, helping beginner YouTubers understand how to create their channels with little to no money at all and she talks a lot about MBTI to help others understand themselves. Other activities include Twitch live streaming, Twitter Boxing, and Bugsy the Dragon.

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