I Won Two More Books

Good Reads will be the death of me and the start of my addiction again. My book addiction! I was signing up for sweepstakes all morning and randomly just choosing any books because if you do not know me by now, I am a variety reader. I don’t have a genre that I follow and is pretty open minded to just about any type of book. That’s why I started focusing on reviewing books. Open minded readers makes better critics.

Plus I am bored. I need a creative spark while I rest my brain from video editing and coming up with new contents.

Super Excited

I believe all three books, these two plus the first one that I won yesterday should be coming into the mail at the same time. I have entered into more sweepstakes so I have a feeling I should be expecting to fill up my book shelf quicker than expected. As much as I love my eReader, I love to have a book in the palm of my hand while I get lost in it too.

I have a bunch of title reviews that I do need to upload on to the websites so I have accomplished keeping myself busy again. By doing so, it takes me away from all the uneccessary roughness in my life, which is a good thing. Until tomorrow. I shall return!

Author: Soul Sin

Soul Sin is an Asian-American opinionist, Freelancer, and Entrepreneur who writes for Logical Millennials and Soul Stylez Creation. You can also find her actively creating contents for YouTube, helping beginner YouTubers understand how to create their channels with little to no money at all and she talks a lot about MBTI to help others understand themselves. Other activities include Twitch live streaming, Twitter Boxing, and Bugsy the Dragon.

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