The Day I Found Out I Was Demonetized

Just like what the title said, this was the day I found out I was demonetized from YouTube.

The History

Back in 2008, I was introduced to a website called Webanswers which was later taken down (I believe it went down in 2009) and I was soon later living off the PPC. So how Webanswers works were, you answer questions and once it was viewed or upvoted as the best answer, you make money from it. It wasn’t much but I vaguely remember that one of my answers made five bucks. After being involved with this site for a year, I was invited to join Google Adsense which later became the platform for advertisers on YouTube. I started to sign up for everything just to have it but never worked on it. I upload videos here and there, getting small view times and not many subscribers. This was in 2009. Then I decided to redo my page out of boredom and moved all of my videos to the second channel in 2011. Again, not doing much to pick up on subscribers or watch times. I think at that point in my life, my channel was mainly used to comment on other people’s channels and share animal videos. I never bothered with making great headlines, the SEO, or captivating descriptions. I guess I didn’t care because I was monetized. I was happy when I made five cents off one of my cat videos.

Well, here we are now. New rules. New regulations. No subscribers means no monetization.

I finally decided to check on my YouTube analytics because the new YouTube Studio Beta was out and YouTube kept reminding me to check it out. That was when I saw that I was ineligible for monetization because I did not meet channel requirement.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I love challenges. Thanks to YouTube, I took this whole demonetized moment in life to challenge myself as a marketer to stop neglecting my digital image and start focusing on numbers plus my creativity. I am not doing this because I plan on becoming a full time YouTuber. I am actually doing this because I felt like YouTube just threw me a big Eff You bone and I am tossing it back to them by showing them that I can meet their requirements. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

The plan from here on is to keep track of how well I can accomplish in a small amount of time and to focus on finding ways to make contents work for other YouTubers, especially smaller YouTubers, which is why one of my niche is To-Do videos on how to create a channel on a bargain. My channel has four niches and that’s only because these are things that I am passionate about in which I want to share with the world.

  1. How To’s for Bargain YouTubers
  2. ENTP Diary
  3. Gaming and Comics Highlights
  4. Bugsy the Bearded Dragon

There may be more coming along as I progress with my channel but for the time being, I am still cleaning my channel. I have a lot of videos that I will be rediting and reintroducing so if you are interested, the videos will be posted on this website as well as my YouTube channel so do not foeget to subscribe. I haven’t placed a Newsletter subscription button on this website yet, so leave a comment to let me know you were here.

Author: Soul Sin

Soul Sin is an Asian-American opinionist, Freelancer, and Entrepreneur who writes for Logical Millennials and Soul Stylez Creation. You can also find her actively creating contents for YouTube, helping beginner YouTubers understand how to create their channels with little to no money at all and she talks a lot about MBTI to help others understand themselves. Other activities include Twitch live streaming, Twitter Boxing, and Bugsy the Dragon.

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