Websites: Designed and Finished

I have been working on designing my websites to my liking for almost three months. One thing about me is that I am never satisfied with how any of my work turns out. That’s the bad part about being my own designer. I know I can make it better, so I always change a few things around and then I end up changing everything. Anyways, I believe I love how they all look now.

I have also decided to change how this page navigates too, since I am focusing mainly on commentary and reviews. I refuse to turn any of my work into something controversial. That’s why I have social media. Besides that, my websites is my place to keep all the records of my thoughts and things that I like to talk about.

I am utilizing this as my portfolio and nothing more. There may be some changes made to it when I begin to accomplish more things. As of right now, that’s where I will be keeping my writing samples of fictional work.

This is basically the go-to site when it comes to my professional reviews. I am focusing on a more opinionated piece on books, games, headlines, and media entertainment. I spend a lot of time viewing these things and reading so let’s do something worth while and introduce the world to what I think of things.

This is my new edition and my new baby. I am proud to introduce my referral page for YouTube channels. If you would like to learn more on how I am finding these channels and how I am referring them, feel free to click the link and get rerouted.

Final Thoughts

So this is basically it for the updates. I have trained myself to continue to micromanage my schedule just so I will not forget to get into work mode. Sometimes I forget that I cannot sit around and wish my work will pay itself. I actually have to do something. Well, until then. Thanks for reading.

Author: Soul Sin

Soul Sin is an Asian-American opinionist, Freelancer, and Entrepreneur who writes for Logical Millennials and Soul Stylez Creation. You can also find her actively creating contents for YouTube, helping beginner YouTubers understand how to create their channels with little to no money at all and she talks a lot about MBTI to help others understand themselves. Other activities include Twitch live streaming, Twitter Boxing, and Bugsy the Dragon.

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