What if Job Interviews Went Like This

We’ve all been through the hiring process. It is intimidating, it wrecks you, and sometimes you leave the room feeling proud because you believe you made a connection with the interviewer only to find out that someone else was more qualified than you for the position. Most of the time, the person who got hired over you do not qualify or they only got the job because they look good or they know someone who works there. Maybe that’s how a lot of people feel because hearing that you did not qualify sort of hurts when you know you have all the talents that they need.


Then there is that other scenario where you have the talent but you do not have a degree. I mean, a degree is a holy proof that you understand the job better than someone who probably does it as a hobby since they were eight years old, right? How about the experience without a degree? Oh, no. We need to make sure you went to school and paid a hefty amount of money on the knowledge that you probably did not care for but here is a big fat paycheck just because you spent $100,000 on school. You deserve it.

Maybe I am crazy, maybe I just know how HR in a big corporation works since, well, I had ties to many human resources for some big corporations that all seem to work the same way. I guess you can say that I am speaking from experience.

Final Thoughts

What was the best job interview that you had and the worst? Share your story. If you work in the Human Resource departments, what tips would you give to people looking for a job? Let us know in the comment below. Thanks for stopping by!


Author: Soul Sin

Soul Sin is an Asian-American opinionist, Freelancer, and Entrepreneur who writes for Logical Millennials and Soul Stylez Creation. You can also find her actively creating contents for YouTube, helping beginner YouTubers understand how to create their channels with little to no money at all and she talks a lot about MBTI to help others understand themselves. Other activities include Twitch live streaming, Twitter Boxing, and Bugsy the Dragon.

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